Dental clinic of  Dr. Matteo Lazzarini

Odontologist / Dental Surgery, Dental implant, Dental prosthesis
Iscritto Ordine Medici Provincia di Forli Cesena N° 460

Dental clinic
Via Silvio Pellico 67
47122 Forlì FC – Italy
tel. +39 331 5661334
tel. +39 0543 29018


I want to thank my family that during these years has never failed to lend its support and have faith in me.

I thank my colleague friends that entrust their patients and who share stimulating hours of work.

I thank the patients who with their moral and material support have given me the possibility and the wish to continue to improve myself.

I thank Prof. Gioacchino Cannizzaro, who, with his teachings and his enthusiasm, motivated me to continue in studies and in the profession.

I thank Lisa for her patience.