I was born in Forli in 1972. I started my professional career with studies on prosthodontics, culminating with my entrance in the faculty of dentistry in Bologna and my degree in ’97.

Curiosity led me to extend my studies in all branches of dentistry and luck put me in position to meet people who are capable and have a genuine enthusiasm for their work.

My passions outside of work are nature and travel.



  • 1991 School-leaving Certificate in Prosthodontics
  • 14-03-97 Degree in Dentistry Prosthodontics Dental Prosthesis, Universitay of Bologna


  • 2006 Annual Theoretical and Practical Course on Implantology, Dr. M. Degidi – Bologna

  • 10-10-08 Consensus Conference on Pre-implant Bone Reconstruction – SICOI, Milan

  • 26-06-09 Course on “Advanced Bone Surgery”, Prof U. T. Da Silva Neto – San Paolo – Brazil

  • 06-02-09 Course on “Predictability of the clinical procedures in the treatment of patients at risk with short implants”, Prof G. Cannizzaro – Pavia

  • 27-06-09 Course on “The immediate restoration of total edentulous: strategies and innovative approaches” Dott. Daniele Botticelli- Rimini
  • 2010 Annual training practice in Advanced Implantology, Prof G. Cannizzaro – Pavia

  • 01-06-2012 Certificate “Current Concepts in American Dentistry“, N.Y University College of dentistry – New York – U.S.A.

  • 29-06-12 nomination to Tutor I.A.N.Y.U.P.

  • 2012 October ICOI international membership

  • 2013 July Certification IOW “Intra Oral Welding Technique “, Degidi Dental Clinic – Bologna

  • 22-05-2014 upgrades IOW “Intra Oral Welding Tecnique”, Degidi Dental Clinic – Bologna

  • 2017, february 10, 11, 12 Lugano (CH), Advanced Graduate Program in Periodontal Therapy: Surgical, Non Surgical and LASER Assisted, Prof Rolando Crippa

  • 2018 september/november – Zygoma Course – Extra-Maxillary Technique. Istituto Stomatologico – Grande Ospedale Metropolitano Niguarda Milano

  • 8-9 february 2019 – implantologia zigomatica minimamente invasiva con strumentazione piezoelettrica, Dott. Andrea Tedesco, Napoli

  • February-September 2019 – Post Graduate Chirurgia estetica ricostruttiva parodontale e perimplantare Prof De Sanctis Dental School Università Vita Salute San Raffaele Milano


  • 30-31/03/01 Course on “Fixed Prosthetics”, Prof. S. Valerio – Bologna
  • 01/06/01 Course on “Integrated Resuscitation in the odontological surgery”, Dr. C. Miegge – Bologna
  • 1-5/10/02 “Fixed prosthesis, full Immersion”, Prof. S. Valerio – Milan
  • 12/04/05 “Total prosthesis and prosthesis implants: aesthetic, functional and geriatric aspects”, Prof. S. Palla – Castel San Pietro Terme, Bologna
  • 2005 Annual Course on “Childhood Dentistry and Interceptive Orthodontics”, C. Caprioglio and A. Caprioglio – Pavia
  • 29/09/07 Course on “Pediatric Oral Traumatology”, Dr. C. Caprioglio – Trento
  • 10/10/2008 Course on “Emergency Management in Dentistry”, Simulearn – Bologna
  • 9-10/01/02 Course on “Orthograde Endodontia”, Dr. F. Gorni – Bologna
  • 2002-03 Annual Theoretical and Practical Course on “Clinical and Surgical Endodontia”, Dr. E. Ambu –  Forli-Bologna
  • Master course in Bidimensional Tecnique for Orthodontics, Prof. G. Maino
  • 30 November-1 December 2012 “30th National Congress Si.Te.Bi. The search for harmony-facial disharmonies The dentoalveolar and skeletal” – Rome
  • 2012 FAD course “Prevention and management of litigation in dentistry” – 18 ECM credits
  • 2012 FAD course “Conservative Dentistry” – 15 ECM credits
  • 2012-14 Master’s degree in Orthodontics Two-dimensional, Prof. G. Maino – Bassano del Grappa – Italy
  • 2014 Year Master postgraduate Micro – Endodontics  Clinic, Dr. Castellucci – Florence
  • 2015 February March April, Theoretical Fixed Prosthetics course,  BOPT technique, Dr . Ignazio Loi – Cagliari
  • 2015 October 30 to 31, Total Adhesive Rehabilitation,Step 3 Technique, Dr.ssa Francesca Vailati – Cagliari